Joel/J Keitsu Sorenson - Owner/Breakdance Instructor 



Is the founder of All The Way Up. His journey oddly began with a game called dance dance revolution (DDR) in which he noticed background dancers. Shortly after he got into popping for two years and then began venturing into breaking in which he was originally taught by Chuy (one of the instructors)! Since then, he has consistently been part of the breaking scene in Iowa and has translated his passion for breaking into other aspects of life especially business. Joel Keitsu has gone onto create several multi-million dollar businesses and have opened up the All The Way Up Studio as a social enterprise to give back to the community that was always there for him. 


Elizabeth Baccam - Co-founder/Management, WERQ Certified


Liz's was born in Cedar Rapids, IA - however, was raised in the outside suburbs of Chicago. It was there that she was first exposed to the hip-hop/breaking scene in high school via friends. She practiced Traditional Thai Dancing through a non-profit organization called the Thai Cultural and Fine Arts Institute (TCFAI) and now has the opportunity to be called a student again within hip-hip! Soon after high school, Liz moved back to Iowa and met the University of Iowa's UI BREAKERS. After that, the rest was history and the amazing, talented people she met throughout the way became family. Along with J Keitsu, she too saw the need for unity and growth throughout the community and thus help founded ATWUS! If you have questions about the studio, employment or a community outreach opportunity, feel free to contact her at:


Jesus ‘Chuy’ Renteria - Breaking/House Dance Instructor


Is a Hip Hop dancer whose explorations into Modern dance and improvisation have cultivated an artist with a multi-dimensional approach to contemporary dance. Chuy started dancing in his hometown of West Liberty, IA. First joining and then eventually becoming a central figure in the local Breaking and Hip Hop Dance scene. As a founding member of the Distinctive Nobodies dance crew and UI Breakers student organization he competed and performed throughout the country. While still competing in the Breaking circuit, Chuy pursued a BA in Dance from the University of Iowa from 2007-2009 - expanding his dance horizons to include Modern, Afro Cuban, Jazz, and Movement Improvisation. Since his exposure to the concert dance world, Chuy has performed works by New Territory Dance, Duane Holland, Rebecca Chun, Eloy Barragon, Armando Duarte, Katherine Vigmostad, Annett Schaedlich-Hendrix, Joanna Rosenthal, and Alan Sener. Chuy is currently an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Iowa, spreading his creative outlook on dance to his students.


Dayna Huor - Hip Hop Instructor 


Dayna's dance journey began at the age of 4 in classes for ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, at the Groov Factory in Davenport, IA. After 4 years of dance training, she was pulled away from dance to focus on martial arts and gymnastics. However, in her sophomore year of high school, Dayna re-discovered dance through YouTube videos, and found it to be her true and deepest passion. She re-joined the dance studio and started learning urban dance choreography from many videos, practiced for hours on end alone in the studio, attended workshops, and eventually started choreographing her own dance pieces. When she came to the University of Iowa, she found the University of Iowa Dance Club, which gave her the opportunity to meet other choreographers, some of her closest friends, and even attain leadership roles within the student organization. She also became part of the Chicago dance community after her good friend/up and coming choreographer, Domino Johnson, asked her to join his Chicago dance company called Daily Center. Joining the UI Dance Club, Daily Center and collaborating with other dancers/artists has not only deepened her passion for dance, but it has also pushed her and allowed her to grow in more ways than she could have ever imagined. 


 Will "YK" Hernandez - Breakdance Instructor



Will Hernandez aka ILLaBeast, is from Iowa City, Iowa, and has been dancing for 7 years and on going. Dancing has will always be apart of Will. Whether it’s stress from work, coping with relationships, going through tough times, dance has been there for him whenever he need to create an escape. Breakdancing is an art, a dance, a lifestyle. It’s a hobby that has forever changed Will's life for the better and he can NEVER stop thinking about it. Whether it’s fashion (because of style for dancing), getting a job that will support himself, and for dance studios and competing out of state in dance competitions - Breakdancing continues to influences his daily life. Will quotes, "The way I talk to people will show how I groove on the dance floor, listening to music will show in the way I dance, LITERALLY EVERYTHING TO ME HAS TO ALWAYS REFLECT THIS DANCE! I’m a person who has strong ambitions to become one of the best I can possibly be, and along my journey I have come across so many amazing talented people who now I’m close friends with, and constantly they give me a reminder of why I’m doing this to begin with. Forever I will be thankful for having such a gift that will stick around as long as my body will allow me to, and I wanting to share that with the rest of you too!"


Rogie Soeu - Hip Hop Instructor/Multimedia Director


All the way from Sioux City, Iowa, Rogie (pronounced Raw-G) is currently a Junior studying English and Dance at the University of Iowa. Initially acquiring his love for dance via YouTube, he later discovered his passion for performing through musicals and his show choir career in high school. Choreographing a range of styles from Big Sean to Ariana Grande, he aims to capture the beauty in the dynamics of human emotion; a combination of urban, whacking, and even tutting. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s sassy, sometimes it’s just straight up RAW. It just depends on his mood. After three years of show choir and one year of instructing through the University of Iowa’s Dance Club, Rogie is incredibly excited to continue his journey with ATWUS. “I guess the only way to go now is All The Way Up!”


Ben Ong - Popping Instructor 


Ben Ong is 21 years old, UI Student and is a popping dancer from Malaysia. Ben started dancing when he was 16 and from there his passion for dance began. He started out with popping and since then popping has been his all time favorite style of dancing. Ben like popping because he enjoys the movement and feeling of every pop that the muscles make. Once he catch a beat he can’t stop popping. Popping is a way for him to express his love for dance and music simultaneously. In Ben's class, he hope to share this experience with you. Ben wants to end with saying that, "I looking forward to see you guys in my class!"


Hannah Oyibo: Hip Hop Instructor


Hannah Oyibo is a junior at the University of Iowa pursing a psychology major with a minor in physical activity and nutrition. Hannah has been dancing for over 10 years. When she was younger, Hannah took dance classes all throughout her middle school and high school years. In high school, she was involved in dance team for 3 years and show choir for 4 years. She was also an assistant director for choreography for the junior varsity and varsity show choir groups for a year. Currently, she is involved in the University of Iowa Dance Club as a diamond cut hip hop co-captain. Hannah have been involved in dance club since her freshman year of college. After school, Hannah aims to pursue her dance career further but in the meantime, is training/taking classes and teaching to prepare herself for what’s to come in the future! She quotes, "I am very excited to teach this beginner’s hip hop class because I have worked with kids many times in the past. Teaching kids the basics and fundamentals of hip hop is very important because then you can grow as a dancer and apply those things to a more intermediate and advanced leveled class. I am extremely looking forward to teaching this class!" #allthewayup


Chelsea Lance - WERQ Dance Fitness Instructor 



Chelsea is originally from New York and currently resides in Iowa City. She started dancing as a cheerleader because she wanted to follow her mom's footsteps. In high school, she started taking hip-hop and jazz classes at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. The following year she learned some skills and built up enough confidence to take a Zumba classes. Two years later she became certified in Zumba, but realized after a few WERQ classes she wanted to switch platforms. Now Chelsea is ready to turn #allthewayup with with you guys!