All The Way Up Studio - North Liberty, IA


Membership includes access to ALL CLASSES including the Official 2024 Olympic Sport of Breaking.

THE SPOT for Hip Hop Dance in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, North Liberty, and surrounding areas!


The Only Dance Studio

In Iowa That Offers Training/Classes For An Official Olympic Sport Known As Breaking Or Breakdance.

Hip Hop Deserves To Stand Out From The Traditional Studio Environment Which is why we have invested in a warehouse space for you to hone your craft

  • We Are Hip Hop

    One of the core elements of Hip Hop is bboying (aka breaking). We offer open sessions to all bboy/bgirls and other dance styles locally and worldwide! We built this studio to also nurture the existing dance community and we are proud to offer this for those that want to hone their dance skills!

  • We Flow Hard

    In addition to our free open sessions we also have structured choreographed hip hop classes designed for ages 8 and up as well as dance classes for adults. All of our classes are skill based.

  • We WERQ

    Not only do we have hip hop and breaking classes... but we also have a dance fitness class with the wildly addictive cardio based program called WERQ. Get down with top hip hop and pop songs to fun routines

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Enroll?

All The Way Up Studio Is  Always accepting new students. You can ENROLL HERE

What Ages Do We Teach?

We teach a wide range of ages and levels. Due to the technicality of our dance styles, we do specifically teach ages 8+ and up. 

ATWUS does require children ages (8-12) with no dance experience to take a 2 week trial class. The purpose of the trials is to introduce the student to our studio, make them feel comfortable, and see if it's an appropriate fit for both parties.

We also offer the 2 week trial for adults learners as well who want to test the waters before joining. All students are free to take any classes in between their two week session

Check out our membership section to sigh up for a 2 Week Trial Session and contact Studio@allthewayup.com to schedule a starting date!

How Do Open Practice Sessions Work?

Just like in larger cities, these sessions are open floor for dancers to work on their craft. Various types of music will be played to ensure creativity for all. *Age appropriate music will be played based off demographic each day* These open sessions are free to the public (just bring your own pair of dance shoes) and come to vibe out with us!


Those who are not participating in dance must either:

A) Students must do homework or read for 20 minutes

B) Part take in our initiative to write letters/draw to partnering local charities and organizations, or a person you think needs a pick me up.

We encourage every person who steps into our studio to be a productive, outstanding cilivian with a dash of hip hop magic! 

Do You Offer Drop Ins?

We have a one time only two week trial that we offer for $15 that grants you access to all our classes. 

All The Way Up Dance Studio

2910 Stoner Ct #6 North Liberty, IA 52317

(Turn left when you see a building with rustic designs and then go all the way up to the back around the corner to find unit #6!)

Parking is available on both sides of the building. Camera's onsite. 

We Are OPEN During Hours Of Operation

See Schedule For Hours

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