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The mission at All The Way Up Studio is to provide a safe, open environment for dancers to create and vibe out together.

This especially applies if you have danced in the past, currently dance, or are new to dance.

We're a non competitive dance studio that brings the best local talent to help shape future generations or spark fire back into the older ones. We believe every student has an opportunity to shine in their own way.

It's not just about dance, but about instilling good morals/values and teaching individuals that the discipline and passion that they put into their craft... can translate to their everyday and community. If you want to see more, come stop by our studio, or if you like what we're doing here at All The Way Up, please like and share our other social media platforms to help spread the positivity all around! We cannot wait to go ALL THE WAY UP with you!!!


We officially began building the studio from the ground up in May 2018. Our doors opened in July 2018 with our first open house and we've been open ever since! As some of you may know, we opened as the first and only hip hop studio in Iowa and have strived to keep the spirit of hip hop alive. However, our doors have opened up to many other dancers and individuals since.

While our roots are based in Hip Hop, we have expanded to include heels, chair, jazz funk, kpop, and more. Hip Hop is all inclusive and that will always be part of us going forward.


Hi thanks for looking into All The Way Up Studio! I believe we've created a truly special community here for those looking to dance, those who used to dance, and those who are new to dance.

You no longer have to go to a competitive dance studio that focuses on recitals and competitions only (perfectly fine if you do).

Now you can simply enjoy yourself while learning new dances each and every week. As a service to you, we also do high quality recordings for each class choreo that you can share with your friends and family.

But I wanted to give a quick word on my hip hop roots. The majority of the public does not know the four elements of hip hop, let alone that breaking (bboy/bgirl) is one of them. For that reason, the studio and I will always be rooted in hip hop as I continune to break to this day!

Although we may no longer be just a hip hop studio, to us hip hop means unity and a way of coming together without holding a difference to anyone. At All The Way Up Studio you can truly be yourself and the dance can free you. I know for a fact that hip hop changed my life forever and without it,  I wouldn't have the success I have today.

You see, you can translate real hip hop into all aspects of your life. I would love to have you be part of our growing community!

Over the past 4 years it's been a blessing to see so much growth in our students and as a plus, I've made some new friends!

If you see me grooving out in the corner of the dance floor, that's a regular thing. I also do that at home every time a jam that I can vibe to plays. That's the type of people here at All The Way Up!