The mission at All The Way Up Studio is to provide a safe, open environment for dancers to create and vibe out together. We have teamed up with some fresh local talent to help shape future generations, spark fire back into the older ones and/or those who just don't know they have the fire in them yet! We believe every student has an opportunity to shine and our instructors are trained to adapt to each member.


ATWUS is also pushing for our Open Session Policy where 2x a week we offer FREE open sessions to anyone, however, those who are not participating in dance either: a) students must do homework or read for at least 20 minutes, or b) non-students take part in our initiative to write letters/draw to partnering local charities and organizations.

It's not just about dance, but about instilling good morals/values and teaching individuals that the discipline and passion that they put into their craft... can translate to their everyday and community. If you want to see more, come stop by our studio, or if you like what we're doing here at All The Way Up, please like and share our other social media platforms to help spread the positivity all around! We cannot wait to go ALL THE WAY UP with you!!!