Class Description



HIP HOP I Beginners 

Beginner Grooves/ Fundamentals: This class focuses on body awareness and understanding musicality. Beginner moves will be taught and applied to a wide variety of music. If you want to feel more comfortable in your own body, this is the class for you! (This class pulls from many different dance styles such as hip hop, house, popping, animation and then puts it all into a choreographed sequence) All ages can attend this class as this is a skill based class.

HIP HOP I Intermediate

(Intermediate/Advanced) Urban Dance/ Choreography: This class will push students who are looking to go All The Way Up. We will tackle complicated footwork and grooves that will challenge you. These moves will then be implemented into intricate choreography. If you are looking to level up your craft, this is the class for you! (This class pulls from many different dance styles such as hip hop, house, popping, and animation.) All ages can attend this skill based class. 


Advanced Hip-hop: If you’re looking for training in dance choreography such as improving learning speed, choreography retention, attention to detail, or even just getting inspo for your own choreography, then this is the class for you! This class will explore the many directions you as a dancer can take your choreography  and finding more ways to express yourself through choreography.


The popping class will get you in tune to intricate movements that require the immediate tensing and relaxation of individual muscles which creates the "POP" Expect to learn simple and complex body isolation moves while grooving to funky tracks.  Popping includes ticking, strobing, waving, gliding, boogaloo, tutting, and more! A combination of follow the leader style drills and little choreo sequences are to be expected for this class! All ages can attend this class.


Learn to captivate your dance by adding fluidity and contemporary movements while still maintaining the sharpness and hits of hip-hop! This new concept to our studio will allow students to express themselves and feel their emotions through music and dance, adding yet another smooth element to their craft.  


BREAKDANCE: An Official Olympic Sport



This class is designed to teach the core movements of breaking also known as breakdance, bboying or bgirling. Everything from standing to getting busy on the floor. You'll learn the foundations of not just breaking but listening to the music while moving your body. This comes in the form of top rocking, footwork, and capitalizing on big beats with a freeze/pose! Expect to learn something new each class while also building upon your existing foundation with personalized attention. Ultimately, you'll be comfortable enough to put it all together and freestyle! (THIS CLASS IS INTENDED FOR ALL AGES/LEVELS)


We continue to move on up in Fundamentals of Breaking II, where we introduce intermediate breaking foundations & review basic fundamentals. Students will also focus on engaging their creativity, flow, and we’ll be guiding them to discover their own forms of self-expression.


This isn't your average "spin class" this is a class where you will learn multiple exciting power moves and variations. If you're looking to wow your peers and ultimately challenge yourself this is it! This is usually what first comes in mind to the general public when they think about breakdance. From the infamous windmills, head spins, flares, and more! Combine this with fundamentals of breaking and you'll be a complete bboy/bgirl to be reckoned with! This class can also be taken by all ages but be ready for a physical challenge!





WERQ® is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on the hottest pop and hip hop music. Twerk your way into the body you've always wanted, challenging yourself to the beat and your cardio endurance! All levels welcome!